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Ryan McCanna

My player id is Steal and my real name is Ryan McCanna :). A friend introduced me into rocket league and i had a lot of fun so i continued to play. I got into Esports because it felt like a real life sports experience except online. I played baseball while in highschool, so it felt kind of nostalgic. My goal in Esports is to make a name for myself, meaning, I want to be able to make an impact on rocket league as a whole. A fun fact about myself is that I made it from Champ 3 to GC (1800 MMR) in one season.

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Deacan  Potter

I am Deacan "Poke" Potter. I am a Rocket League player for Team Revenge and have been playing Rocket League for at least 5 years. This game really caught my eye before I even got a console and it was the first ever game I purchased as soon as I obtained one. Back in my early years of Rocket League when I was around champ, I used to play in "draft" tournaments and that just started my drive for wanting to compete in tournaments. From there I just competed in leagues and met friends and created teams to compete even more which lead me to wanting to improve and take it to the next step. I joined Team Revenge for the purpose of improvement. The people in this org are wonderful and my biggest goal right now is to make it to the next level with my best teammates yet!

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Tristan Horton

Hey guys I'm Spatial, but my real name is Tristan. I got into Rocket League back around 2016. I just really enjoyed the game and was playing the game with friends. I was never too serious about it because I was focused on baseball. I went to college for baseball and played about half a year before tearing my UCL while pitching, then finished the season in the outfield. Yes I played outfield with a torn UCL, and yes it hurt so bad lol. After that I got super into trying to get better at Rocket League and potentially going pro in this because I could no longer play baseball like I wanted. And now I am here, just grinding till I make it!

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Mithulan Paramanathan - RL Coach

Hello, I'm Mithulan "MithicLegend" Paramanathan, the Team Revenge Rocket League Coach. I'm 22 and have been exposed to competitive gaming since I was about 10, throughout highschool and college I joined eSports leagues and worked my way up to Rocket League Director for Kansas State University. Since then I've been playing rocket league for over 5 years with an emphasis on helping players succeed. Some fun facts about me, I love to travel, enjoy playing the guitar, and love all kinds of food. 

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Taylor Slusher - RL Director

Within the gaming and esports community I'm known as 'Sluuush', preferably pronounced as 'slush'. Although, outside of this exciting and innovative world I go by Taylor Slusher, so due to my last name you can see where the gamer tag comes from. I was never a huge gamer in the past. I played Call of Duty from BO1 to Ghost, then when college officially started for me I stopped gaming altogether... That was until I met a good friend of mine who at the time just resigned from playing for Kansas State's collegiate RL team, nonetheless he ended up showing me RL for the first time in depth and I was hooked immediately. I loved everything about the game, at first it was fun to play with friends from college or back home, but I ended up getting decent at the game and ended up pursuing the competitive scene. So after three total years of playing and amasing around 1,800 hours I peaked around 1500, but due graduation I have found myself with little time to grind the game anymore with my new professional career as an Design Professional aka 'Training Architect'. Regardless, I wanted to remain in esports. Knowing this transition in my life would come, ive built experience within the esports scene through multiple startup organizations, learning a lot through many successes and many tribulations. Now that I've found a home with Team Revenge (tR), my goal is to bring Revenge a top tier RLCS professional competitive team and having an all around great RL department with some of the best content creators in the game.

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JB Hansen - RL Manager

Hey everyone my name is JB “OHIO” Hansen, and I am the Rocket League Manager for Team Revenge. I have been playing Rocket League for six years and I am currently in my first year of managing a team. I have always had a love for video games, but the thought of being on an Esports team did not cross my mind until I was a Jr. in college. I started my Esports career playing on an academy team and slowly made my way to the management side through the rest of my undergrad. Since then I have graduated from the University of Akron with my BBA in Marketing Management, and I am now managing my second team. Outside of managing I work in marketing, stream as frequently as possible, and produce music. I am truly blessed to be working with the people I have around me, and I know this team will go far!

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