• Nooner

    Im Noonan, Im 20 and Im a top laner. I grind the gym, hike mountains, and Im looking forward to winning. Excited to show the league community what I’m made of.

  • Avatar

    Whats up my name is cj, I am 23, African American, I played league since 2013 when i was a kid and ive always wanted to try competitive play since i started. I just recently met my league goals and now im looking to try my hand in competitive play! My hobbies are that i play music .

  • Pluft

    Hey everyone, my name is Matt "Pluft". I've been playing league of legends since season 4. This is my first time playing competitively so I am pretty exciting in playing with Team Revenge.

  • Havros

    Hello, my name is Joshua. I am a 22 year old college student, and originally from the Philippines. I started playing league of legends in 2014. This will be my first time being part of an organization and playing competitively. Really excited for this opportunity!


  • Henray


    Yo, names Henry, I am 27 years old and I have been playing league since it was on the CD(2009) In season 5 I was known as the best vayne in North America and was a sub for many college teams and played semi-pro on teams that way. I have coached a couple of ADCs to challenger and specialise in the role as I have played it since season 4. I am excited to see how my knowledge of the game can help uplift team revenge to great heights!

  • Satsui 


    My Names Jeremy. Ive been playing competitive games since i was a teenager and have always had a drive to climb to the top of any scene i was apart of. Ive been ranked one for fear 2, unreal tournament 3, and gears of war 2. The only thing ive found more enjoyable than improving my skills is improving with a group. Im looking to make Tr rise like the stars i know they are.

  • Remi


    Hello! My name is Rachel- most call me Rae or most commonly Remi! I’m 27 years old and a league manager in Team Revenge. I’ve been gaming a lot of my lifetime due to my illness and not being able to go outside much. The first game I ever played was legend of Zelda ocarina of time, but it was so hard for my young mind that I actually gave up. I played Pokémon a lot and didn’t actually get into competitive until I got my ps4. I played overwatch, got super into it and climbed all the way to masters~ Though I soon felt like I was tilting too much so I moved to a more “relaxed” scene and started playing FFXIV. I became a raider and placed top 14 summoner before retiring and just deciding to take it easy. I didn’t actually get into league until about a year after I got my pc. I fell in love with it immediately and loved watching worlds and just playing to win and get better. I’ve always had a drive for a sense of community and that’s why I was drawn to Team Revenge! I can’t wait to see what we become and how far we can go. <3