• Meracle

    Bryce Lee

    My name is Bryce Lee, I've been playing CS since 2015. I played collegiate CS for LSU for 3 years. I played IM and Main in ESEA with the current core for multiple seasons. I've got high hopes for our post season run, and I'm excited to see what we can accomplish with an organization by our side.

  • NTS

    Brandon Kelly

    My name is Brandon Kelly, and I have been playing CS since 2013. I played in NACCS for University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) while I was a student. I have played multiple seasons of playoffs experience in Counter Strike Leagues. I'm finally excited to join an organization that has the same passion for competitive esports as I do.

  • Nocturne

    Tyler Wilson

    My name is Tyler Wilson, I've been playing CS since 2014. I mainly played with friends up until 2019 when I met the current core of our roster. I'm looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish and more now that we're under the Team Revenge brand.

  • SEAN

    Sean Mehaffy

    My name is Sean Mehaffy and I have been playing CS:GO since 2018. I have competed in ESEA League since season 29. I have 4 seasons of Main under my belt and my goal is to reach Advanced with my new squad.

  • renim


    I am a graduate student studying electrical engineering with a passion for competition and Counter-Strike. I competed in Cod for many years and eventually moved to CSGO when I got my PC. I always enjoyed watching CSGO, but never had a PC to play on. Once I got a computer, I never looked back.

  • Where to watch?

    Check us out on Twitch where we stream as many matches as we can!