• germ

    Germano Fidelis

    Hello, my name is Germano Fidelis, you can call me Germ. Im 23 years old, and im the support/lurker of Team Revenge. I got exposed to CSGO during the Berlin Major of 2019, where I watched Astralis win their 3rd major in a row. Seeing how dominant that team was and how magical that moment mustve felt, I instatly fell in love with the game and wanted to hoan my own skills. Going into my 8th season of ESEA leagues, I am excited to see what wonders we can accomplish while being part of the tR fam.

  • Juanay

    Juan Grafendorfer

    My name is Juan "Juanay" Grafendorfer im 21 turning 22 in November. I am the support player for Team Revenge. I started playing counter strike in 2014-2015. I'm excited to ball

  • stormzyy

    Bryan Kirsten

    Hey all, my name is Bryan "stormzyy" Kirsten and I'm the in-game leader for the Team Revenge CSGO team. I started playing Counter-Strike during the early versions of CS, way back in the early 2000s. My competitive journey started around 2006 in the Cyberathlete Amateur League (CAL), and I've been playing competitively on and off since then while balancing school. I'm looking forward to playing under the Revenge banner and with the organization's support, seeing how far we can climb the CSGO landscape.

  • loltrip


    My name is Scott "loltrip". I'm a rifler for Team Revenge CSGO. I starting playing CSGO in 2016 and have played competitively for about 3 years.  I'm excited to be part of such a well established organization this season.

  • J3y

    Jordan Spaulding

    Hello, my name is Jordan Spaulding I’m 22 years old and I’m the team revenge entry / space creator , I originally got into csgo because a good friend of mine named freddy introduced to me while we were playing call of duty, after he showed me the tournaments and teams I fell In love with the game, I’m excited to represent team revenge gg in this upcoming season to show everyone that we have what it takes to beat any team that comes our way and to push ourselves to the next level of competitive csgo.

  • Freddy^-^

    Frederick Hoffman - SUB

    My name is Frederick "Freddy^-^" Hoffman I'm 23 turning 24 this year. Im the AWPer for Team Revenge. I started playing Counter Strike back in 2015-2017, but I had to stop playing for certain reasons. I just recently came back with more drive and more passion for the game. Ive been in the competitively in CSGO and COD for quite a while. Im very excited to start a new beginning with Team Revenge and hope we can go far and maybe make to ESL.