• Carlonfam

    Brett Carlon

    Hey guys, my name is Brett "Carlonfam" Carlon and I'm an competitive Apex Legends player for Team Revenge. I have been playing apex since season 1. I started off on playstation and moved over to pc in season 6 to start pursuing competitive play. I started off in competitive playing GLL tournaments and ALGS online. During Covid I started playing as much as possible playing as many ranked games and tournaments as I could. Last year I joined Escape and Dice for my first ALGS finals. I first met STYX and Lilley through Escape and we meshed really well. I am really excited for this next year of ALGS and tournaments and I am confident we can make it to the top echelon of apex.

  • STYX

    Nick Reinhold
    Hey everyone, my name is Nick “STYX” Reinhold and I’m a competitive apex player for Revenge. I’ve been playing apex since launch, first on my laptop with friends. I quickly got involved with Collegiate tournaments and found my way onto an academy team as a result. From there I had a brief stint on a main roster as a Co-IGL before I had to take a step back from apex to focus on college. I came back to apex looking for a team that wanted to compete and win. I’m more than excited to for the opportunity to prove ourselves as Team Revenge.

  • escape


    My name is Ethan “escape” Cantor and I’m the coach for Team Revenge. I started playing Apex at launch and quickly joined the collegiate competitive scene. After transferring schools and majors, I dove into competing and quickly got picked up by an academy team. After struggling with some health problems that caused me to step away from competitive apex, I made my return in ALGS Challenger Circuit #2, just missing out on LCQ #2. With Carlon, Lilley, and STYX on my team I know we’re going to tear through year 3 of ALGS and take Team Revenge to a new level.

  • Plotttwist

    My history in esports started around 2015 when I got invited to play rainbow six: siege on console doing go4s and privates leagues, this lasted for a year or so where we went on to win 40ish games in a row and 2 or 3 tourneys, then I moved to Siege on PC where I got invited to a team that I'd scrimmed against a few time on Xbox where I got my footing on pc then I slowly kept moving up for the next 3-4 years until I got picked up by Revenge Nation last summer as a analyst, then I started doing some apex tournaments here and there come the fall.