• Carlonfam

    Brett Carlon

    Hey guys, my name is Brett "Carlonfam" Carlon and I'm an competitive Apex Legends player for Team Revenge. I have been playing apex since season 1. I started off on playstation and moved over to pc in season 6 to start pursuing competitive play. I started off in competitive playing GLL tournaments and ALGS online. During Covid I started playing as much as possible playing as many ranked games and tournaments as I could. Last year I joined Escape and Dice for my first ALGS finals. I first met STYX and Lilley through Escape and we meshed really well. I am really excited for this next year of ALGS and tournaments and I am confident we can make it to the top echelon of apex.

  • LilleyCo

    Elijah Lilley

    Hello! My name is Elijah “LilleyCo” Lilley & I play competitive Apex for Revenge. I was introduced to Apex by some friends during season 4 & was hooked instantly. I switched to PC from Xbox One in July of 2020, this was pivotal in my development as a player. It wasn’t until 2021 that I entered my first ever competitive tournament. Spark Series helped me discover my passion for competition & was the foundation of my career. Through this tournament I formed friendships with SeeEscape & Styx which would allow me to further perform at the highest level. I am very excited to grow with my teammates Carlonfam & Styx. I look forward to representing Team Revenge & am grateful for this opportunity.

  • STYX

    Nick Reinhold
    Hey everyone, my name is Nick “STYX” Reinhold and I’m a competitive apex player for Revenge. I’ve been playing apex since launch, first on my laptop with friends. I quickly got involved with Collegiate tournaments and found my way onto an academy team as a result. From there I had a brief stint on a main roster as a Co-IGL before I had to take a step back from apex to focus on college. I came back to apex looking for a team that wanted to compete and win. Yoroi and Yahhzix gave me that chance and we’re looking to take this all the way to the top. I’m more than excited to for the opportunity to prove ourselves as Team Revenge

  • escape


    My name is Ethan “escape” Cantor and I’m the coach for Team Revenge. I started playing Apex at launch and quickly joined the collegiate competitive scene. After transferring schools and majors, I dove into competing and quickly got picked up by an academy team. After struggling with some health problems that caused me to step away from competitive apex, I made my return in ALGS Challenger Circuit #2, just missing out on LCQ #2. With Carlon, Lilley, and STYX on my team I know we’re going to tear through year 3 of ALGS and take Team Revenge to a new level.

  • Plotttwist

    My history in esports started around 2015 when I got invited to play rainbow six: siege on console doing go4s and privates leagues, this lasted for a year or so where we went on to win 40ish games in a row and 2 or 3 tourneys, then I moved to Siege on PC where I got invited to a team that I'd scrimmed against a few time on Xbox where I got my footing on pc then I slowly kept moving up for the next 3-4 years until I got picked up by Revenge Nation last summer as a analyst, then I started doing some apex tournaments here and there come the fall.