Apex Legends



Tylure Reid-Lincoln

Hey I'm Tylure "Yoroi" Reid-Lincoln and I'm a competitive Apex player for Revenge, I started apex in season 7 and fell in love with the movement and gunplay and started competing a season later in small tourneys like gll before getting my name out there in the gametime summer series and challenger circuit 1, I used to IGL but after meeting and playing with Styx decided my talents were better for co igling on Gibby. I've been competing for about 3 years in various games and am excited to be on Revenge as they step into the apex scene, and cant wait to show everyone what were made of.


Isaac Fiala

Hey I’m Isaac “Yahhzix” Fiala and I am a competitive Apex Legends player for Revenge. I started playing apex around season 4 and really enjoyed learning and getting better at the game. I originally played Apex on my xbox up until season 7 when I ended up deciding I wanted to start competing in Apex. I’ve been playing competitive apex now for a little over a year. I used to play the support character for most of the teams I played with until last November when I was put on the fragger role. Once I met Yoroi I definitely knew we had a lot of really good chemistry as a duo, so I decided to run with him and we eventually picked up Styx where I played a bit of support and a bit of fragging which ultimately led to me being our fragger. I am really stoked to be a part of Revenge and I cannot wait to take our talents further.


Nick Reinhold

Hey everyone, my name is Nick “STYX” Reinhold and I’m a competitive apex player for Revenge. I’ve been playing apex since launch, first on my laptop with friends. I quickly got involved with Collegiate tournaments and found my way onto an academy team as a result. From there I had a brief stint on a main roster as a Co-IGL before I had to take a step back from apex to focus on college. I came back to apex looking for a team that wanted to compete and win. Yoroi and Yahhzix gave me that chance and we’re looking to take this all the way to the top. I’m more than excited to for the opportunity to prove ourselves as Team Revenge